Carey Earle

Carey Earle

I will always be a writer at my core. Whether as an entrepreneur, freelance writer or a marketer in an organization, I love to craft messages that matter; and I excel at simplifying messages, bringing humanity to any kind of communication and teaching brand voice to others. Another one of my strengths is building teams and creating trust with people from many different backgrounds and perspectives.

I started my career on Madison Avenue and since then I have been on all sides of the creative landscape. I’ve managed agencies, grown and built creative teams inside organizations and worked with agencies as a consultant.

Expertise A versatile and creative writer, I've written everything from brand strategy and market positioning to advertising copy, brochures, emails, taglines, video scripts, social media posts, blogs, websites, executive presentations, and two business books. I am adept at immersing myself in any topic and have worked across many industries. I have also taught marketing at NYU and my alma mater, American University.

Skills Collaborating, Leading, Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Presenting, Listening, Attention to Detail, Writing, Editing, Proofreading

Location Eden, Vermont nestled in the North.



Phone 917-301-4373